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PFIA Membership - Accidental Death Coverage

Plan provides benefits for accidental death for members whether on or off-duty. Family Coverage is also available. Coverage depends on policy purchased and age of member. Learn more

Accident Only

Plan provides benefits for specified injuries/service, disability income and hospital confinement due to accidental injuries on-or of-the job 24 hours each day. A Gunshot Wound Rider or Burn Rider is available, as well as spouse and child coverage. Learn more 

Accident & Sickness Disability

Plan provides an income for disabilities caused by injury or sickness, and additional income for hospitalization during the first 30 days. Several benefit options are available to meet your financial needs. A Good Health Rider will return all premiums if you go claim free for 10 years or attain age 55, whichever comes first. Learn more

Cancer Protection

Plan provides a lump sum benefit of $7,500 or $15,000 if you are diagnosed with cancer. In 20 years, if you never develop cancer, all of your premiums will be returned to you if you purchase the return of premium rider with the cancer protection plan. Learn more

Flexible Premium Annuities

Flexible Premium Annuities

Plans provide an excellent way for you to save money over the years for future retirement needs or emergencies at current interest rates. Interest accumulates tax deferred, and will provide a guaranteed life income at retirement. Learn more

Select Whole Life

Plan provides permanent life insurance coverage at guaranteed level premium. Plan also offers guaranteed cash values and paid-up insurance values, in addition to dividends which can accumulate an interest of purchase paid-up insurance. Learn more

One Pay Life

Plan provides permanent life insurance coverage with one single premium. Plan offers guaranteed cash values and dividends. Dividends will increase the total amount at death to help keep up with inflation. Learn more

Yearly Renewable Term/Level Term

Plans provide low-cost term protection to cover debts such as: mortgage, installment loans, credit cards, college education cost, monthly family income and funeral cost. These plans can be converted to a permanent life insurance plan during the conversion period. Learn more

The four funds that we will contribute to will be, "Make a Wish Foundation", "Special Olympics", "Special Operations Warrior Foundation", and "St. Jude Children's Research Hospital".

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